Best Metal Detector Pinpointer – The Top 7 in 2022

Best Metal Detector Pinpointer – The Top 7 in 2022

Many beginners are confused as to why one may need a pinpointer while the metal detector comes with one. However, if you have tried digging for objects but come short, then you need a pinpointer. A pinpointer helps you narrow down a target. By narrowing on a target, it helps prevents you from unnecessary digging.

The other key reason you will need a pinpointer is to prevent yourself from destroying the target. Targets are fragile, and if you go pocking around, you may end up with a destroyed old relic. A coil can show you where a target is, but the exact location is relegated to the pinpointer. This guide explores some of the top metal detector pinpointers in the market.

What is a Pinpointer?

Many people new to metal detecting often ask this question; they wonder why they need a pinpointer when their metal detector has the same feature. A pinpointer helps you locate a target with more accuracy. It firstly prevents you from fruitless digging. The problem with a metal detector is that you can never know what is underneath. It could be a nail, bottle cap, or trash can. To prevent you from wasting time in worthless pursuits, you need a pinpointer.

The second reason you need a pinpointer is you can destroy your target through vigorous digging. Since a pinpointer is more accurate, you can protect your target.

Most of the pinpointers come with audio or vibrate modes. How this works is as you approach the target with the pinpointer, the audio increases, or it vibrates more.

One of the key features that you should be on the lookout for is the brightness of the LED light. If you are going to be prospecting in shallow waters, then you need a pinpointer with bright colors. This makes it easy to detect and locate. Some of the devices will come with a lost alarm. This helps you locate the pinpointer when it is idle. Most of the pinpointers only have three buttons.

Lastly, you need to consider your budget for a pinpointer. If you are serious about taking up metal hunting as a hobby, then you may consider spending a few dollars on a good device like the Garrett PRO Pointer. You also need to consider where you are going to be prospecting the most. If it is in shallow waters, then you need something that has depth and is waterproof.

The 7 Best Pinpointers for Metal Detecting

  1. Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof

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This is one of the best metal detector pinpointers. It is otherwise called the “Garrett carrot,” and Yes, it is orange in color. You can use the pinpointer to a depth of 10 feet. It comes with three sensitivity levels to help in the detection of small targets like gold nuggets. The Garrett pinpointer offers fast re-tune times, and this allows you to narrow down locations with pinpoint accuracy and move to the next target fast.

The Garrett Pro AT is waterproof to a depth of 10 feet. At these depths, you have the highest chances of finding something valuable. You can use it on a variety of surfaces like beaches, shallow freshwater, or rocky grounds.

The orange color is intentional as it allows you to identify the Garrett Pro-Pointer at deeper levels. Even if the waters are murky, you still can spot the pinpointer. The device also comes with automatic power off and lost Pro-Pointer alarm.

To help you locate targets comfortably, the Garrett pinpointer comes with three sensitivity levels. This allows a better location at varying depths. You use the sensitivity levels with the retune feature for enhanced accuracy. One of the sensitivity levels, that is ideal for highly mineralized grounds is the manual sensitivity one. Here you can turn the sensitivity to high when you are searching for items like gold nuggets and turn it back to low when you are searching for relics or old coins.

You also have the benefit of two audio modes – one vibrates, and the other is visible. The Garrett weighs 6.5 oz. and a 9V battery powers it.

What we liked:

  • The bright orange color for easy identification no matter the depth
  • Suitable for a variety of terrains
  • Ability to manually adjust the sensitivity
  • Waterproof to 10 feet
  1. Huntmate Deteknix Pinpointer

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If the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is not to your liking due to the price, you may want to consider this pinpointer that almost looks like the Pro-Pointer. The Deteknix XPointer comes with some innovative features that you may want to try out. For example, it never falses hence making it ideal for sifting dirt in holes.

The Deteknix comes with bright visible LED lights. This gives you visibility when you are prospecting in a deep hole. The device is made from water-resistant materials making it an all-terrain type of device. You can adjust the device sensitivity through an easy to use press button.

With the Deteknix XPointer, you get the option of choosing from three colors – orange, black, gray, and camo. The device weighs 4.7 oz.

What we liked:

  • Adjustable sensitivity press button
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Vibration indication for target distance estimation
  1. Quest Metal Detectors Xpointer Pro

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If you are one of those people who love deep-sea diving, then you will find the Quest XPointer to your liking. Firstly, the device is waterproof to a depth of up to 200 feet. This means it will handle well in freshwaters, sea beds, and rivers. The device comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and operates through the pulse induction technology.

With PI technology, you can use the device in highly mineralized soils without detecting any false signals. This makes the device an excellent companion for those prospecting for gold. The Quest XPointer gives you vibration alert, or the LED light brightens up when detecting.

If this is your first time using pinpointers, then you will find the Quest XPointer simple to use as it only has two buttons for control. It also features a target locking feature for LED light.

In the purchase, you will find a porch to store the device, USB charger cables, and hip holster. The Quest comes in a variety of colors and is versatile enough to handle a variety of terrain.

What we liked:

  • Highly versatile – works in mineralized soils
  • Works to a depth of 200 feet
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Works on the pulse induction technology
  1. Makro Waterproof Pinpointer

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The Makro comes with a rotatable 360-degree detection tip. This helps you identify and reach you targets faster. You can also extend your search to a wider surface area with the tip. It is rated waterproof (IP 67), meaning you can use it for mineralized soils and wet sand. You adjust the sensitivity of the device through simple + and – buttons.

To help you identify the device, the Makro comes with a powerful LED light that clearly illuminates the spot you are searching. The Makro comes with several audio tones – audio-only, vibrate only, or both vibrate and produce audio. To avoid interference from other metal detectors, the Makro comes with a coil interference blocking feature. This allows the device to disconnect its magnetic transmission when it is off.

Included in the purchase package are two hardshell cases. One is used to protect the tip and the other the in-built scraping blade. You also get a carrying pouch. The device weighs 8.3 oz. and is run by a 9V battery.

What we liked:

  • Two hard-shell protection cases
  • 360-degree detection tip
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Waterproof and all-terrain
  1. Minelab Pro-Find 35 Pinpointer

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Minelab has been at the forefront of producing high-quality metal detectors. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that they have a pinpointer to use with their high-end metal detectors.

Firstly, the Minelab Pro Find comes with manual sensitivity settings. This gives you the option of searching on a variety of grounds. As with most Minelab products, the pinpointer benefits from the company’s many innovative technologies. The Minelab Pro-Find comes with DIF technology that comes in handy in preventing interference.

To maximize the device depth capacity, you have five adjustable sensitivity levels. You also have vibration intensify and audio tones to help you as you approach the target. The Minelab Pro-Find is waterproof to a depth of 10 feet/3 meters. It is waterproof, making it ideal for a variety of terrains.

To help you differentiate the junk when prospecting, the pinpointer comes with a ferrous tone ID. You will get a different response from the device, depending on what it has detected. You have a lost alarm to locate the device when it goes silent for an extended period.

For secretive pinpointing, you can switch the audio to vibrate, and you will notice that the device vibrates more vigorously as you approach a target. The light on the Minelab is bright enough to be seen even when you are digging deep holes. The device weighs 6.8oz.

Overall, this is a great device from a reputable company. However, the device design is unimpressive.

What we liked:

  • Ferrous tone ID
  • Waterproof to up to 10 feet
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Minelab DIF technology for interference reduction
  1. White’s TRX Bullseye Waterproof Pin-Pointer

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The first thing that makes the White stand out is that it comes with a tip pinpointing. This means all the focus of the device is focused on the tip. You may be wondering why this is great. Well, it helps you to pinpoint to almost an inch. This saves you time digging for wrong targets or responding to false signals.

The TX may not be the most popular pinpointer in the market, but we found the fact that its fully automatic to be pretty impressive. When searching with your metal detector, all you need to do is direct the pinpointer to the hole you are digging, and it will identify the target.

Like most pinpointers, it comes with audio and vibrate mode. This helps you locate targets easily as it vibrates more vigorously as you approach the target. The device is waterproof to a depth of 10 feet, but we did not like its lightings, which is a bit faint during searches. The TRX comes with an alarm overload indicator.

The White TRX has an operating frequency of 36 kHz, which means it will not interfere with other metal detectors. On the device are ruler markings and a one-button operation target ratcheting. Included in the purchase is free on potch and holster for 3-inch belts.

The pinpointer is powered by 2 AA batteries and weighs 3.2oz.

What we liked:

  • Great pinpointing accuracy
  • Audio and vibrate tones
  • Waterproof
  • The device is fully automatic
  1. Fisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointer

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Last on our list is a pinpointer from Fisher. Firstly, you can use the pinpointer on a variety of metal detectors in spite of it not being a Fisher model. It is one of the best pinpointers for anyone willing to take their skill in metal detecting to the next level.

The Pinpointer is very easy to use as it comes with an easy to use sensitivity knob. You also have an audio signal indicator and vibrator. The Fisher is lightweight, making it easy to carry around.

The Fisher comes with an audio tone that increases as you approach targets. You can also choose to switch to vibrate mode if you are doing secretive hunts. The Fisher comes in at the height of 10 inches, which makes it very small to fit in your pocket. It is waterproof to a depth of 6 feet and is powered by 2 AA batteries. Other notable features include ratchet retune, pulse induction, lost alarm, adjustable LED light, lanyard loop, molded rubber grip, ruler for inches or centimeters, and belt holster.

What we liked:

  • Audio and vibrate tones
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Single knob control button
  • Affordable and lightweight


Many think that having a pinpointer is an unnecessary option. But, if you do not want to destroy your target or spend hours digging, then it is vital you get yourself a pinpointer. A pinpointer is a small device that is lightweight and helps you accurately pinpoint the location of your targets.

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