Metal hunting is a hobby that can be practiced by both the old and the young. It offers one an opportunity to be outdoors while doing something you love. However, selecting the right metal detector isn’t that simple – especially when you are new to the craft. That is why we have created this blog, especially for you.

We understand the frustrations many metal detector enthusiast face when they are searching for the perfect detector in the market. Your options seem unlimited, and if you are a beginner, you may end up with a toy that does nothing but buzz. Or maybe you have some years of experience doing metal hunting and just want to upgrade to a more powerful device.

Our goal is to bring out all the information that you may need to turn your metal detecting hobby into a success. We will hold your hand into the craft of metal hunting until you can do it like a pro.

Our lead blogger, Michael Smith, has worked as a security expert for various security firms in the country. He has a deep understanding of how metal detectors work and the best places to increase your prospecting success. It is a craft he has taught his sons – who now have gravitated into expert gold nugget hunters.

If you have always dreamt of having an extensive collection of old coins or relics, then metal hunting is the right hobby for you. But, for you to succeed, you need the best equipment in the market. Instead of wasting time trying different metal detectors to determine which is the best, we have done the research for you. Our team has gone through some of the top metal detectors in the market, and we have prepared buying guides that capture each segment of the industry.

We offer tutorials that offer important tips for metal hunting. Our experts will guide you through product features while offering important tips as to why you should select one device over the other.

Your days of searching for the right metal detecting device is over! We have you covered. All you now have to do is sit back, read our guides, and make an informed decision.