If you are in that stage of life where everything seems a bore, you may consider metal detecting as a hobby. The assumption is this an exercise relegated to older people, and the only things you will find underneath the ground are old soda caps or tins. But, if you have the best metal detector with you, you can engage in some productive treasure hunts. Maybe discover some long lost relics or a gold bracelet dating back to the 17th century.

The metal detector market is saturated with different products, each promising instant results. It can be challenging to identify the best metal detector. We have done the groundwork for you. We have taken the time to have a closer look at some of the top metal detectors in the market. If you want to start searching for treasure immediately, you may want to read on.

Finding the ideal metal detector is dependent on various factors. Your budget and purpose for using the device will play a significant role in your purchase decision. The more your experience level, the more you will need a device with more sophisticated features.

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Intended use

You need first to determine what you intend to use the metal detector for. The device you use for relic hunting, gold prospecting, or search for old coins will vary. Devices that go for less than $500 are mostly suitable for coin or jewelry searches. Those that have high frequencies of over 15 kHz are more suitable for gold searches.

Detector features

VLF Detectors

If you are a beginner, then your best choice would be to go with the VLF detectors. These operate with two coils – one for creating magnetic fields and the second for detecting fields from the target. These kinds of devices are lightweight and do not cost much. They are also great for jewelry and coin hunting. However, this will not help you much in detecting gold items. For this, you will need the pulse induction (PI) detectors.

PI Indicators

The PI will come with a single coil that is both the receiver and transmitter. This makes them great in discrimination in highly mineralized soils. However, they are pricier and suitable for expert-level hunts. The machines are also heavier making them come with a body harness. The PI detectors are great for salty beach hunting.


The expert metal detectors also have multiple frequencies. This allows them to detect a wide variety of items. You can use them in salty beaches and hard to reach areas. They are, however, more expensive than other standard models.


This is the ability of a metal detector to tell the difference between the various items in the ground. This comes in handy when you are prospecting in an area with a lot of trash. Good discrimination abilities allow you to save time searching for relics.

Search coil

For most people, the obvious choice is to go with detectors with large coils. It makes a lot of sense that the larger the coil, the more items your device will be able to detect. But this is not the case. The problem arises in highly mineralized soils as they detect more signals hence frustrating your search. To locate an item, you will be forced to reduce your sensitivity, but this has the downside of reducing your depth. A smaller coil will process fewer ground signals while giving you more opportunities for target separation.

If you want to handle mineralization better, then you should go with the DD coils. This allows you to pinpoint your targets better. The concentric coils are cheaper than the DD coils.

Metal Detector Screen

Most metal detectors have come with headphones that allow you to hear frequencies. However, an LCD screen offers you more information like device depth, discrimination, and sensitivity. If you are looking for an entry-level device, then look for one with is easy to navigate. Some devices come with a screen while others it’s just the knobs.

Metal Detector Weight

You also want to consider the weight of the detectors. If you are prospecting a large area, then you need something that is lightweight. This is especially the case for metal detectors for kids. Some come with straps for easy carrying.

Let’s get started.

The 3 Best Metal Detectors for Gold

Gold is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to treasure hunts; it also offers the best value for money for your exploits. However, you need the right device for it to be successful. Such a device, though expensive, is able to discriminate against the various metals hidden underground. Here are some important factors to consider when searching for the best metal detector for gold.

Device frequency

When it comes to gold prospecting, then you need a device with a high frequency. Frequency in metal detectors is measured in kHz. The higher the kHz of your device, the higher your chances of finding gold. In the alternative, you may want to consider a device with pulse induction technology. For gold, you can consider anything with a frequency of more than 15 Hz.

Ground balance

The biggest problem when searching for gold is that the ground you are prospecting is highly mineralized, meaning it has many different metals. These metals can interfere with the magnetism capabilities of your metal detector. To mitigate this shortcoming, you need to identify a device with high frequencies, and that has good ground balance capabilities. This allows the device to ignore some of the other metals so that you can only focus on gold.


At the end of the day, you still have to consider whether you have the budget for a high-end model that can be more effective at searching for gold. The more the features and ability of the device to discriminate against various metals, the better it is. Devices with features like pulse induction technology will be pricier. You also want something that allows you to adjust for ground balance. Before you can go into the market for a device, you will need to first come up with a list of goals as to what you intend to accomplish. If you are doing it for fun, then there is no need to spend over $800 on a metal detector. But, if you are convinced of finding highly valuable objects in the land you are searching for, then you might get value for money with your finds.

Contamination of search grounds

The ground is a mixture of various metals like aluminum, iron, or copper. Plus, you get a significant amount of trash like nails that do not add any value to your prospecting. With this in mind, you need a device that can sort out the trash and help you identify value coins and even gold. This means finding something with high discrimination capabilities.

Let’s get started in identifying the right device for your gold hunts.

  1. Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

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This is a great entry-level metal detector for gold searches. Firstly, it has a high frequency of up to 19 Hz, and this allows it to discriminate against other metals like coins and nails. To enhance your probability of finding gold items, the Fisher comes with a biaxial coil with fast re-tune. This allows it to pinpoint gold items with precise accuracy. The coils are waterproof, meaning you can extend your search to marshy or wet areas. The 5” DD search coil boosts search capabilities. You can view all search information through an easy to use LCD screen that displays target ID and discrimination hunting modes

When it comes to audio, the Fisher Gold bug pro is on another level as it maximizes a special variable breakpoint discrimination system that makes for awesome audio. You can control the audio through a computerized multi-audio system. This allows you to distinguish between a low and high audio tone hence increasing your chances of finding gold.

The device comes with a real-time, computerized ground balancing system. This allows the system to indicate where minerals are specifically located. You should be able to distinguish the various soil types and narrow down on gold-rich black soil. With a mineralization indicator sorting minerals should be a breeze. With all these features, you may assume that the gold pro is heavy, but it is lightweight at 2.5 pounds. The device measures 10.2 X 6.2 X 28.5 inches and is powered by a modest 19V battery. The Fe304 graphics, manual, and automatic ground balance settings enable the Fisher to top our list as one of the best metal detectors for gold searches.

  1. Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector

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If you are in search of something more high tech, then the Garrett AT Gold will meet all your needs. This device is waterproof and comes with a 5X8 DD search coil that enables you to prospect for gold coins in fresh shallow waters. It also comes with a pair of master sound headphones for superior sound quality and the legendary Garrett ProPointer AT. The device is powered by 4 AA batteries and weighs 3.03lbs. You can adjust the height of the device from 42” to 52,” and this makes it ideal for extremely tall people or for reaching hard places.

The frequency is quite high for gold hunting at 18 kHz, and you get three audio tone IDs. The Garrett AT gold is waterproof to a depth of up to 10 feet, meaning you will not have problems gold hunting in shallow streams. When you switch to the all-metal mode, you should get a significant amount of gold signals. You can go into greater depths without losing a signal.

As we stated, it is imperative that you have good ground balance when searching for gold, and the Garrett AT Gold does not disappoint in this area. The device is recommended for highly mineralized soils where there is a higher likelihood of finding gold.

When it comes to discrimination, the Garrett AT comes with two modes plus the all-metal mode. You can easily switch from one disc to another. The device offers precise tones so that you do not waste your time digging for nails and other irrelevant metals. This is delivered through a continuous tone whenever gold items are located. When you want to pick up some signals, you switch to the all motion mode then get to pinpoint mode in areas where you are sure there could be some gold.

The Garrett packs a host of features to help in your search for gold. With high-resolution iron discrimination that goes to up to 40 points, you are able to rule out irrelevant iron items with ease. This saves you the time of sorting out the trash. The feature, however, needs some time to get used to it. The device is also not quite suitable for use in salt waters as its high frequency makes it detect very small signals.

  1. Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

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It is hard to mention metal detector categories without having a product from either Garrett or Fisher. The Fisher Gold bug comes with a large LCD display, and it is relatively easy to use. The controls are simple, and you should be on your way to gold prospecting in no time. It comes with two search modes – all metal and discriminate.  Fisher offers some of the best ergonomics for devices in its class. The downside is you do not have as many features as those in the Gold Pro, but it is quite an awesome entry-level metal detector.

The Fisher Gold comes with a 5-inch search coil that does an amazing work detecting signals. The coil is upgradable if you are looking for enhanced performance. It is aided by 19 Hz operating frequency to differentiate the various metals in the ground. The Fisher gold comes with two-tone discrimination. The large LCD screen displays your 0-99 numeric target identification display, running signal strength indicator, and a large target alert. You do not have a motion pinpoint, but this has been replaced by a computer-aided ground balance control and a ground mineralization readout.

You get some modest ¼ and 1/8 inch headphones. When you switch to the standard metal mode, you can decipher most of the metals on the ground while the second mode is used specifically for gold prospecting. It is amazing for the price range that you get a no motion pinpoint feature. This means you will not be forced to shift your detector around just for a signal.

This is a decent middle-level metal detector that works well for beginners. For its price range, you do not get a host of awesome features that are common in most high-end gold metal detectors. On the downside, you miss out on multiple tone audio capabilities, and the fact that the coil is not waterproof is a serious drawback. But, you do have the benefit of the no-motion pinpoint.

The 3 Best Entry Level Metal Detectors – Best for Beginners

When you are starting using metal detectors, the thing you do not want is something complicated. Metal hunting is a great hobby you can introduce to the kids or the elderly. It is fun, and you get to uncover some lost treasures. It also activates your curiosity as to what is hidden in the ground. In the world of mobile phones, treasure hunting is a must-have skill.

Firstly, when you are looking for a metal detector for beginners, you need something that is affordable. High-end models tend to be more complex, and it can take you some time learning how to use them. This does not mean the entry-level detectors are of low quality. They still come with an array of awesome features like visual depth indicators or target identification displays. When selecting one, check out one with a low frequency as they are various metals underneath the ground.

  1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

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This is the ideal metal detector for kids and newbies. The 8” concentric coil is fully submersible and waterproof.. You do not need a long learning curve as the device comes with three easily accessible modes – all metal, full discrimination, and tone discrimination. When you switch to the full discrimination mode, you will find some valuable targets while the low-value ones like iron are ignored.

The Bounty hunter is easy to balance; hence, maneuvering through unfamiliar territory is a breeze. You can adjust the sensitivity of the device at any time, depending on the materials in the ground.

The device weighs 3.7lbs and measures 28.2 X 10 X 6.2 inches. To run it you will need a pair of 9V batteries. It is hard knowing the soil component of the land you are prospecting, it is for this reason the Bounty hunter TK4 comes equipped with an automatic ground balance to know the mineralization of your search ground.

  1. Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

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It is hard having a metal detector category without mentioning a product by Fisher. This model is perfect for getting your treasure hunting hobby started. It comes with a large LCD screen with all the controls simplified for easy learning. The coil is 9 inches and waterproof for those times you are treasure hunting in wet places.

With fast re-tune speed, you can choose and reject metallic objects with ease. On the display screen, you can choose between various discrimination objects like coins, artifacts, jewelry, coins, or customize your own. You also have readout numbers between 1-99, and this helps you distinguish between gold and iron objects. You also have the benefit of four audio levels to inform you of a target alert.

On the display screen, you also have a battery level indicator, ten adjustable sensitivity levels, and target depth for information about how deep a target is. The device is lightweight and measures a good 2.3 pounds with dimensions of 22 X 8 X 5 inches.

At its price, the Fisher is a decent metal detector, but you will have to do with a poor pinpointer mode and depth searching of up to 9 inches. The device is pretty simple, and this makes it ideal for beginners. The operating frequency is a dismal 7.68 kHz, which is great for entry-level prospecting, but don’t expect to find sort after gold relics.

The other drawback is you are limited to a manual set ground balance control.

  1. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

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The Garrett Ace 300 makes it on our list due to its simplicity and ease of use. It is the perfect device for a beginner interested in some treasure hunting. Firstly, it runs on an 8 Hz frequency, which enables you to find most things below the surface. You get to listen to items through three-tone ID audio that can be adjusted to either low, medium or high. Due to the high sensitivity of the device, you will find it easy to distinguish between junk and valuable items. This saves you time on unproductive pursuits.

The seven by 10-inch search coil is submersible, meaning you won’t lose your frequency in marshy areas with pools of water. Once you have powered on the device, you can select from the five search modes – custom, jewelry, coins, relics, and no discrimination. You can distinguish items through the digital ID function that runs on a scale of 0-99. Note that items like gold will result in a higher frequency, while iron will show up as low frequencies. With the feature, you can target high-value items.

Once you purchase the Garrett Ace 300, you will get a free pair of headphones, an ACE environment cover-up, and a search coil cover. The gadget is lightweight at 2.81lbs, which makes it easy to carry and swing around. The device measures 22 X 11 X 6 inches. You will find the screen a bit challenging to use in the beginning, but once you start treasure hunting, you will find it a breeze. You can view some of the metal segments on the large LCD like iron, gold, and copper. To filter out what appears as iron ghost targets, the Garret Ace comes with an iron audio feature.


The 2 Best Metal Detectors For Beaches

The beach offers numerous opportunities for one to discover valuable treasures. Most of the metal detectors will come with a lot of technical information that guides their use. This can be confusing for beginners who find it a challenge figuring out how the device works.

One of the first things you need to be on the lookout for in the best beach metal detector is its ability to be waterproof. One of the confusion that comes in the search for the best metal detector for the beach is whether to go with a small or large coil. Both are great, depending on the surface area of the beach. If you are prospecting during high seasons when the beach is littered with many metallic objects, then a small coil will help in sorting out the items. However, a large coil will come in handy when you are searching for large areas.

Since seawater keeps changing, you may want to have for yourself a sand scoop. This helps you scoop an item you have located before it is washed again by the seawater. The sandy beaches offer large surface areas for treasure hunting, and a pinpointer will come in handy to prevent you from wasting time. Pair your metal detector to filter out the sea noise.

Metal hunting on the beach allows you to enjoy both the fresh air of the outdoors while capturing some relics. Due to the high number of metal objects present along the seashore, it would help to identify a device that comes with a pulse induction. Such a device will ignore low-value items. You can supplement this feature with a device that is also multi-frequency. This gives you more options for identifying objects without too much discrimination. The downside is such devices are pricier. Lastly, the ideal metal detector for the beach should be waterproof – you are going to be spending most of your time with your device submerged in water.

For the best water detector, go for those that are waterproof up to three feet. However, note it is the coil that is waterproof, not the LCD screens.

  1. Fisher 1280X-8 Underwater All-Purpose Metal Detector

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Thinking of searching for the spoils of a shipwreck, then the Fisher 1280X is your ideal metal detector as it is submersible to a depth of 250 feet. That is more than most beach detectors can do. The device has seen wide use by divers, but if you are planning on doing some treasure hunts along the beach, then it is suitable. The coil is circular in shape/

The 10-inch coil is pretty decent for your treasure hunts and allows you to cover a larger surface area. You can also remove the control box while adjusting the search pole to suit your height. Loaded with lots of features, the Fisher is an easy to learn metal detector. It is automatic and will soon adjust to your environment. You can use some of the control settings like discrimination, sensitivity, and volume control.

Most of the people who have used the device often suggest you tune it to a sensitivity rating of 8 or VLF discrimination that is a bit lower. This assures better results when you are searching in salty water. The Fisher 128X weighs 5.8lbs and measures 12 X 6 X 21 inches. It is powered by 8 AA batteries. This gives you over 75 hours of battery life. The device also comes with a patented quartz-crystal circuitry that does wonders in ignoring insignificant pieces of trash. The headphones provided are waterproof, meaning you do not have to abandon your treasure hunt when it is drizzling. The Fisher 1280 comes with a 2-year warranty and a manual that offers detailed instructions on the device operation. The batteries are housed in a handy control box, so you do not have to worry about them getting destroyed.

It is also one of the best underwater metal detectors.

  1. Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector

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The Garrett All-terrain metal detector is on a class of its own. It comes with a large coil measuring 8.5 X 11 inches and is totally submersible, making it ideal for ocean treasure hunts. It works on a 15 Hz frequency that is ideal for detecting those small coins with ease.

When searching for relics hidden underneath the ground, you need to know how deep you will dig. The AT pro allows you to choose from manual to automatic settings for ground balancing. You also have a 0-99 target scale ID that gives you a clue as to what is underneath. You can switch between a tone roll audio or a proportional one. The high-resolution iron detector lets you know whether you have come across trash or actual metallic objects. This comes in handy in beach areas where you can find many insignificant objects.

The Garrett really stands out with an awesome pinpointer called the Garrett carrot. The pinpointer comes in handy when you in giving you an accurate location for an object. This also helps in underwater hunts as your object can easily be swept away by the constant tides.

The Garrett AT PRO measures 21.3 X 14.4 X 8.7 inches and weighs 3.03lbs. This makes it lightweight and easy to carry around the beach. To power up the device, you need 4 AA batteries. On the downside, the screen can be hard to read – especially when it is very sunny.

The Garrett PRO is a great metal detector with good sensitivity and awesome adjustable ground balancing. It is an all-terrain kind of a device, so your hunts should not just be limited to the seashore. Being waterproof up to 10 feet, you are assured of finding some awesome metals.

The 2 Best Metal Detectors for Kids

When you are looking for something for your kids, then the ideal metal detector should be easy to use and learn. The controls should be accessible to kids. As you know, kids have a short attention lifespan and would easily get bored if the device is complex in nature or is unattractive.

The best places for prospecting for the kids would be the public places, beaches, or occasional escapades to abandoned buildings. This should pique their interest while at the same time, avoid interference with private property.

While some of these metal detectors designed for kids do not come with the usual array of features found in high-end models, kids will, in some way, detect some lost coins or an odd-looking metal. The idea is to feed their enthusiasm so that they can graduate into something more complex as they learn the art of relic hunting.

Firstly, when looking for a metal detector for your kids, search for something that is lightweight and inexpensive. Remember, kids get bored very easily, and they may abandon the hobby if they realize it is unproductive. When prospecting, you may decide to first get used to the dials before heading to the public places. You can intentionally drop a coin here and there and then let the kids find it with their new metal detectors. This helps build confidence in the authenticity of the hobby.

Most of the metal detectors work well in the sandy beaches, but you won’t find something that is water-resistant. You should warn them against going into the wet sand as there is a high likelihood of signal interference. Also, black soils tend to have more minerals than other soils, meaning you will be getting a lot of false signals. This can make the exercise a bit frustrating for the kids.

Since most of the kids’ prospecting will be relegated to the sandy beaches, it would be worth looking for a device that has awesome discrimination capabilities. This allows the device to filter out old nails and trash cans. If you have one that has adjustable discrimination, then your kids will pick out some gold items – which is pretty awesome. Some of the metal detectors will be waterproof, while some are simply weatherproof. You will need to check out the specifications and choose one depending on your current location.

  1. National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector

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For kids, there is no better metal detector to induct them into a hobby like this device. It is highly rated and comes with some awesome reviews. The national geographic pro series is recommended for kids of all sizes, and you can progress from beginner to advanced. It lets your kids discover some artifacts like old coins, gold nuggets, jewelry, or some rusty oil tool.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it is meant for kids, as the device comes with three detection modes and a 10” coil. The National geographic Pro is lightweight at 2lbs, which makes it easy for the kids to carry. It also can be collapsed to 22 inches, making it accommodative to a variety of kids sizes. It also comes with an arm strap that fits the hands of the little ones.

With four sensitivity levels and handy pinpoint function, the kids can differentiate between the different metals underneath the ground and separate the trash from the treasures to a depth of up to 12 inches. Minelab manufactures the detector, and it comes with a 2-year warranty. The manufacturer has a reputation for building high-quality metal detecting devices, and there have not compromised in any way with this device.

The device is easily foldable, and your kids can carry it for later use. It also comes with a backlit LCD screen with the buttons adjusted for use by the kids. Navigation through the various buttons is also easy. From the kids, they can view target depth and battery life. One of the great bonus of owning the device is you have a pinpointer. This allows the kids to narrow their search to a particular area as the pinpointer increases its pitch as it draws closer to the hidden device.

To filter out the trash, you have an all-metal mode and no iron mode. The device is powered by 6 AA batteries. The downside to owning the device is that only the search coil is waterproof, so you may want to warn the kids about venturing in water.

  1. DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector

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This is the ideal metal detector to get your kids started on coins, gold, silver, or metal detecting. It is something even the adults may want to consider due to the wide range of features. Dr. OTEK metal detector weighs 2.5lbs, which makes it lightweight for the kids. The search coil will keep the trash at bay while allowing your kids to identify some valuable treasures. You get to have a detection depth of up to 7 inches, which is enough to detect most items. The alloy shaft is adjustable, making it ideal for kids of all sizes.

While the coil is waterproof, you may want to keep the control box away from any contact with water. The LCD is large and simplistic enough for young people to understand. The coil depth range is a decent two inches, which is ideal for kids who get bored if they have to dig deeper.

Dr. OTEK is a handy metal detector, and you do not have to worry about the kids dropping it. The 21 cm search coil impressed us, which was pretty accurate in identifying objects. The device has an attractive design and colors, which makes it great for kids’ expeditions. However, note due to the lack of features common in high-end models, your kids may end up collecting a lot of junk instead of gold.

The frequency is set at 5.34 kHz, and this lets you find almost everything that the high-end models will find. You can use the device for some science education and parent to kids’ activities. The adjustable pole is a bonus as it allows various kids to use it irrespective of their heights. If you are thinking of a birthday gift for your kid, you may want to consider the Dr. OTEK metal detector. The only drawback we saw with the device is that only the coil is waterproof, and you may end up collecting almost everything metallic.

The 2 Best Metal Detectors For Experts

Once you have honed your skill for metal detecting, then the next step is to upgrade your device to a professional level. Such kind of devices will come with a host of innovative and outstanding features that are not common in conventional metal detectors. They are definitely pricier but worth the value.

When searching for a metal detector for experts, you may want to start with something that can differentiate the different soil types. This may require an auto-tuning feature. Most of the standard metal detectors will operate within one frequency, but with those for experts, you have multiple frequencies. This allows one to focus on different targets with ease. To enhance the accuracy of the objects you are examining, the metal detectors for experts will come with multi-tone polyphony.

To save time, you need something with a pinpointer function. This allows you to center your search within a certain geographical area. The settings differ, and you have more items to search for, unlike the standard models that are relegated to just coins, jewelry, or relics. Other expert features you will notice will include VDI numbers, graphic image screens, more buttons, and double the identification targets. The depth of detection is also higher, meaning you have a better chance of finding highly valuable objects underneath.

With all these features, you have to be ready to part with a considerable amount of money. So consider the quality of discrimination when factoring the price. Most people will get bored with the range of items they discover with the standard metal detectors hence the need to upgrade to more serious metal detectors.

  1. Minelab GPZ 7000 All Terrain Metal Detector

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This is one of the best metal detectors for professionals. It comes with an array of features that improve your chances of finding high-value items. For one, it comes with a wireless connection, GPS, color screen, and SuperD GPZ 13 X 14 coil. When you are prospecting for gold, you may notice that some are hidden deep into the ground. Standard metal detectors may not be up to the task. The Minelab innovative ZVT technology allows you to search for gold in higher depths than other devices.

The GPS feature helps you to map out your relic prospecting. Through the Map screen, you can then go ahead to move along specific locations. Prospecting has been simplified as you can record the weight and depth of the gold. All these details are stored in the GeoHunt. You can then transfer your information to your laptop for further analysis.

The Minelab coil is highly sensitive, and this makes it easier to find gold in spite of the depth. You also get 256 noise reduction channels that filter out unwanted signals. While the device is loaded with features, it is pretty easy to use due to its menu function. You have map and search sections.

When it comes to the audio, you have the option of either wireless audio or using the inbuilt device speakers. The highly sensitive coil has a depth of over 1 meter and is waterproof, so you do not have to worry about your device getting destroyed in marshy areas.

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  1. XP Deus Metal Detector

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If the Minelab is not to your liking, you may want to consider this awesome contender for the best metal detector for experts. The XP Deus allows you to check for deep targets in beaches and highly mineralized areas. You can make some manual adjustments when searching in beaches or deactivate certain settings in highly mineralized areas. This allows for prospecting for gold alone without interference from other metals.

What makes the XP Deus exceptional is its multi-frequency features that allow you to operate in 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, and 18 kHz. With the feature, you can expand your range of search items. The XP Deus is fully wireless, and this allows one to use the wireless headphones and remote control when communicating with the device. To improve the quality of your signals, the 11” X 35 DD waterproof coil is digitalized, and this means it processes more information for analysis. The device comes with a 5-year warranty and a hip case for the remote control.

Despite the awesome features, the XP Deus is lightweight, and this ensures you can continue your prospecting with speed and efficiency. Some of the features that have made the XP Deus stand out from other standard models to include iron level, audio response, discrimination, four non-motion, ground balance, nine pre-configured factory programs, and extended discrimination range. Added to these, you have a frequency range of up 23 to 27.7 kHz. With this, you can prospect small targets with low conductivity.

With the XP Deus, you can re-hunt you previous areas. You have four ground balance modes – tracking, pumping, beach, and manual. This allows you to relic hunt in a variety of environments. You also have some preset programs like deep, wet beach, basic, Deus fast, and goldfield for highly mineralized surfaces. The customization offered by the device allows you to take your relic hunting to another level.

You can control a host of functions like sensitivity, ground balance, discrimination, frequency, or volume from the WS4/WS5 headphones. The telescopic stem is foldable, and you can connect the device to your laptop via the internet. This allows you to access more information for analysis.

The XP Deus is the ideal device for those who want to take their treasure hunts to another level. With many awesome features, the range of items you can locate with it are unlimited.


The 2 Best Metal Detectors for Relic Hunting

Treasure hunting is a hobby many relish. As long as you have permission to frolic for relics in a particular piece of land, you can go ahead and have some fun with your relic detector. In addition, treasure hunting lets you earn a few bucks on the side. When searching for the right relic hunting detector, you will need something that has good ground balance control and is of a low frequency as they are so many metallic objects hidden underneath the ground. Also, identify something that is easily adjustable for height and has excellent pinpoint abilities.

When it comes to relic hunting, you may consider some abandoned buildings or pieces of land that once hosted epic battles. Here your history becomes your guide. Check your local rules and laws to establish what is permissible or not – you would not want to get caught straying in private property. Most of the items you are searching for are either made from iron, brass, or gold. Due to the presence of other metals in the ground, you may need something with a low frequency. This allows you to focus on certain regions; saves you time and energy.

  1. Fisher F75 Metal Detector

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To kick start your frolicking of relic items, we have the Fisher F75. Made by Fisher Research Labs, this is an ideal detector for those interested in prospecting for coins, ancient relics, and gold nuggets. Here you have the option of manual or auto ground balancing abilities.

All the device information is available to you through the Fisher large LCD screen. With a backlighting feature for low light areas, you can view information like the 0-99 numeric target identification and mineralization bar. If you are frolicking in a bushy area, the Fisher F75 comes double-filter discrimination modes. The device is lightweight, and this makes it easy to use. You can use it for extended periods due to its low operating cost – more than 40 hours with 4 – AA alkaline batteries.

The coils used are waterproof, so you do not have to worry about destroying your device in marshy areas. You can also adjust the frequency around power lines with a shift adjustment. Sorting for targets has been simplified with the target identification confidence bar graph. For those who may not be able to hear the device pitch due to old age, they can increase it through audio pitch adjustment feature.

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  1. Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector

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The Teknetics stands out due to its 11” open frame bi-axial waterproof coil. This is great for highly mineralized soils. The large LCD screen is menu-driven with easy to access functions. To enable you to sort out the right metals in trashy areas, the Teknetics comes with a trigger actuated target pinpointing feature that can be adjusted for discrimination modes and double pitch filters. It comes with 4 AA batteries that deliver over 40 hours of search time.

The device uses a 13kHz VLF frequency that offers great sensitivity for areas with lots of trash. It is easy to carry and use. You do not have to spend many hours searching for relics due to its two-digit target ID. The screen is backlight hence enabling you to see what you are doing in low light areas.

While the Teknetics T2 does not come with an automatic ground balance, you still can sort out items comfortably through the double discrimination modes and a sensitivity setting. Another thing we liked about this device is its ability to detect coins at a depth of 15”. This is more than other detectors for the same price range. You also do not need to worry much about your device getting destroyed when prospecting in marshy areas as the Teknetics T2 Classic coil is waterproof. However, the control box is not, so you need to take better care of it.


Metal hunting is a hobby you should engage in if you are tired of the daily routine of work life. It offers you the opportunity to be outdoors, breathe the fresh air while searching for relics. Having the best metal detector in place increases your chances of finding some valuable items. What you decide to use the detector for will determine the type of metal detector you go for. This guide has narrowed down the various metal detectors in the market, making your work a bit easier. Know it is time you found some treasure.

Concluding our Best Metal Detector Guide

Metal hunting is a hobby you should engage in if you are tired of the daily routine of work life. It offers you the opportunity to be outdoors, breathe the fresh air while searching for relics. Having the best metal detector in place increases your chances of finding some valuable items. What you decide to use the detector for will determine the type of metal detector you go for. This guide has narrowed down the various metal detectors in the market, making your work a bit easier. Know it is time you found some treasure.